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About Us

Our family's story:  

It all started with love.  

Our beloved Viszla, Logan was taken ill very suddenly and had to be put down when his kidneys failed.  We found out it was due to traces of propylene glycol in his kibble with a main pet food manufacturer.  Our heartbreak turned in to a passionate quest to learn the "real" truth about what goes in our pet's foods and how to promote canine wellness.  


When we were ready, we went to the Seattle Animal Shelter and found the next love of our life, a very scared, anxious 6 year-old Dachshund that was so terrified of the other dogs that he had lost all of his hair from the stress.  Otto had horrible separation anxiety and was surrendered for stress barking.  We turned to behaviorists, vets, experts all with no relief.  We started researching full spectrum hemp as a treatment and it worked.  In short, within days Otto's behavior had relaxed, his barking had significantly decreased due to less anxiety and we wanted to share our success with EVERYONE. 


 Years ago, my husband and I started a pet care business in Seattle, WA named "Fluffybutts Belltown."  We had many clients who, like us had behavioral and  physical issues that were causing tension and stress.  It broke our hearts to see problems for the whole family as it manifested in aggressive & destructive behaviors and soiling inside of the house.


We passionately believe full spectrum hemp is the answer and now we are proud to bring you Treat-its!


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