An Effective Way to Introduce Hemp Derived Oils to Your Pet

Peeping Dog

Hemp's popularity is disrupting the pain relief & supplement industry.  People are enjoying a full spectrum of benefits from these hemp-derived oils from reducing pain, inflammation, occurrences of seizures, to helping with anxiety and allergy issues. The same benefits humans receive can be enjoyed by our furry family as well.

How does it work?

 Dog's endocannibinoid receptor system mirrors humans. The system plays an important roll in modulating the brain, the immune system, the endocrine system, the gastrointestinal tract, and affects the areas of the central nervous system. When the endocannabinoid system is stimulated by hemp it leads to a moderation in the body’s immune response and reduces inflammation. Hemp derived oils are becoming an increasingly common supplement much in the way that Glucosamine/Chondroiton exploded on to the market for both humans and pets in the mid-1990’s.


As any responsible pet owner knows, there a lot of “curative” products that companies claim are helpful for a variety of canine ailments.  The FPF (Furry Parent Frustration) occurs when owners do not see the benefit of the product for their pet after spending money on another “snake Oil” designed to separate consumers from their dollars.  Full Spectrum Hemp is different. According to recent studies from Cornell University, they may inhibit a gene that is known to be responsible for certain types of cancer and can bind to the receptor that is responsible for controlling pain and inflammation.


Potential Benefits & Uses:

Pet owners are looking to Full Spectrum Hemp for a range of ailments.  They include: 


Inflammation reduction

Anxiety & fear 

Appetite loss & digestive issues 

Joint & arthritis pain

Cancer & tumors  

Pain relief 

Seizures, epilepsy, and spasms 

Skin issues


Dog Products:

Human hemp items often have ingredients that are unhealthy for dogs. Happily, there is a range of dog formulations that are designed to be easy to dose and safe to consume. The most common pet products include: tinctures, capsules and treats. Capsules and treats are convenient and simple to dose.  Often dogs can spit out capsules or they require extra money spent on wrapping it in a pill pocket or a piece of cheese while tinctures can be messy and end up in your dog’s saliva and on the floor.  Hard biscuit treats tend to crumble and may lose some of the product dose but are much more palatable.  Caveat: hard biscuit treats are often too difficult to break up to dose for older dogs, small dogs, puppies and dogs with teeth or gum issues.  Soft chews such as the Treat-its brand, combine the best of all worlds.  They are pre-dosed with 2.5 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp per treat, are easy for all dogs to eat at every stage in their lives and are extremely palatable unlike some tinctures or capsules.  Their medication should be associated with a pleasant treat as opposed to putting pills down the throat, etc.


(“Low & Slow” method) Dosage Guidelines


When starting your dog on Treat-its regimen, we recommend starting low and slow. Dogs has more receptors than humans so the dosages will be much lower. These formulas will help you determine suggested dosages based on the dog's weight: 

Low Dose: .025 mg per lb - .055 mg per kg 

Medium Dose: .07 mg per lb - .15 mg per kg 

High Dose: .15 mg per lb - .33 mg per kg 

Often these dosages are given twice per day. Each dog is different.  Just as recommend with humans, when finding an ideal dose go "low and slow. "


Side Effects & Interactions 

Full Spectrum Hemp, like any supplements have potential side effects when dosed incorrectly such as lethargy and dry mouth. As always, a responsible pet owner, if the pet is taking other medications talk to your vet about drug interactions before you start using any supplement for your pet.