How to Introduce Your Dog to Full Spectrum Hemp


Our pets can reap many of the same benefits from Full Spectrum Hemp that we can.  Since they can’t tell us how they are feeling, we have to follow some basic guidelines when introducing our pet to Full Spectrum Hemp.


All Pets Are Unique

Fido the 30 pound Labrador will respond to a certain dose of hemp in a very different way from Sheila the Miniature Pinscher. Consider your pet’s weight: heavier pets will require larger doses. Even if your pets are the same weight and breed, they have different biochemistries and personalities that will affect their response. This means you’ll have to pay close attention to how your pet reacts to a given dose.


Calculating the Dose

 There is no universal standard Full Spectrum Hemp dosage for pets. A good rule of thumb is to start with a low dose and increase until you see the desired effects. A clinical study from Cornell administered CBD at 2 mg/kg bodyweight twice daily in canines with osteoarthritis, and the dose increased comfort and activity. The Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic recommends a lower dose of .05-1.0 mg/kg bodyweight per day. Product packaging usually includes a dose guide that can be adjusted as needed.




Choose a product free of additives and check out the company’s certificate of analysis to ensure an American grown and organic hemp content. Oral administration is generally recommended. Tell your veterinarian what you’re trying and share your notes on doses and effects; heed their advice. Your pet may develop a tolerance and require a larger dose to maintain the desired effects. If you stay mindful and start small, your pet may soon find all-natural relief from their ailment.




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