Why Full Spectrum Hemp Oils? Because They Work

Why Full Spectrum Hemp? Because it works

Treat-its calming chews & wellness line were born from a passion to help pets live their best, healthiest, longest lives allowing their families to have a pain free, calm and happy family member.  Pets are our comforters, our friends, and more importantly...FAMILY. ​  The healthier your pets are the longer they will be part of your family!


60 % of dogs suffer from ​anxiety related conditions, allergies, seizures or joint pain manifesting​ in destructive, loud, and inconvenient ways taking an emotional toll on ​
the whole family.​  -University of Illinois Veterinary Medicine study, 2017

  • Full Spectrum Hemp is an active compound in hemp plants ​​

  • all natural; does not include THC.   ​​

  • Scientifically proven to have anti-oxidant, anti-emetic, anti-convulsant and anti-tumoral properties.​ (Cornell University Study, 2017)