Treat-its Testimonials from our Fluffy Families


"People need to understand that this isn’t about getting my dog high. It’s about improving his quality of life.” 

-Denise, a pet owner who turned to hemp to help her dog, dying of cancer

Allergies & Itching:

"My dog had very dry skin from allergies and would itch so bad that it kept me up at night. She was losing hair from constant itching and biting of her skin. Frustrated, I searched the web for a solution and came upon  Full Spectrum Hemp dog treats. I started feeding her (2) 5mg treats a day and noticed a big difference after 2 weeks the itching has stopped and her hair was starting to grow back. Her skin looked noticeably better. Seems like she is happier now and I can finally sleep at night." -Terra C., Tacoma,WA

Arthritis & Joint Pain:

"My dog’s pain from arthritis is a problem. He wakes up every morning and looks and walks like Frankenstein. After taking Treat-its treats for about a week the arthritis started dissipating. It really has seemed to help, I would definitely recommend them to any owner who has a dog with chronic arthritis pain."

-Bethany O., Seattle, WA

Barking, Jumping, Destructive Behavior:


We tried these treats already when my husband ordered them recently. Our lab/hound mix gets anxiety on our walks, barking at anything, jumping at cars and digging frantically. If we give him the treat-its, his behavior is much improved, noticeably so. I’d say it’s anywhere from 50-70 Percent improvement.  So, we ordered more!  


P. Case